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Sahadi Importing Co

Opens at 09:00 AM
With its open sacks and barrels of grains and spices, bulk containers of olives, nuts, and dried fruits, its mixed fragrance of cumin and coffee beans, and the beat-up dispenser from which customers must take a number during crowded times, this looks like an old place - and it is. Sahadis has been doing business in Brooklyn for fifty years. ( The original Sahadi was established in Manhattan in 1898. ) Today the store anchors the Middle Eastern commercial enclave that flourishes along Atlantic Avenue between Court and Hicks Streets and includes restaurants, food and music stores, and the Damascus Bakery ( on the avenue since 1936 ). Weirdly, this shopping district flourishes where there are no Middle Eastern residents to speak of. There used to be of course: The merchants and workmen who moved to Brooklyn early in the century from the original "Little Lebanon" in lower Manhattan. On any given day, Sahadis has on hand about a hundred and fifty varieties of cheese ( including some Lebanese and Syrian varieties youre not likely to find anywhere else in town ), and several dozen types of olives and olive oils. Theres every imaginable dried fruit, including bananas and strawberries ; nuts both roasted and raw, salted and un-salted. Theres crecre, Chinese peanuts with a flavored coating ; exotic herbs like sumac and maheb ( made from the inside of cherry pits, used to flavor the Syrian string cheese ), and dried mloukhiyeh, a forbidding spinachlike vegetable used in soups and gravies. Theres Afgan bread as big as a pillow case, Turkish delight studded with pistachios, and Jordan almonds. In the back, the prepared foods section offers superb hummus, baba ghannouj, tabbouleh, and also what experts- ( us, actually ) -believe to be the best kibbeh ( ground lamb with pine nuts and spices ) in New York.

Tribe Bicycle Co

Opens at 10:00 AM
Tribe Bicycle Co. is a global bicycle brand focused on creating high-quality, stylish, and affordable products for the modern urban cyclist. Originating from Hong Kong, the Tribe was created by friends Mitch and Wyatt in the summer of 2013 while the pair were working and living abroad. As cyclists and avid fixed-gear riders the two decided the current market needed a change and sought out to create something different. The idea was to create attractive, top-notch cycles for the everyday urban rider - and do so at a very reasonable cost. After one year of product development and design the two friends we’re able to make their dream a reality and officially launched Tribe Bicycle Co. in the summer 2014, re-locating themselves from Hong Kong to New York City. The initial collection consists of twelve unique bicycle models starting at $350. From the first concept of the Tribe, the idea of having a global identity and reflecting that within our products has always been at the forefront of our brand. Our unique experiences traveling the globe play a huge part in everything we create. Every bicycle is therefore named after a place we’ve been or person we’ve met or been inspired by. Our color choices and branding of global coordinates further emphasizes the meaning behind each product name. Like you, each bike has a story. Through these memories we’ve created something that truly connects with our love of travel, fun, adventure, and life. We hope you love them as much as we do. Welcome to the Tribe.