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Jul 1, 2019 Bay Ridge Cisco CVR-X2-SFP V02 As new TwinGig converter module
1345 500
Dec 3, 2019 MyBrooklyn Exotic Car Gear Inc. is a unique online car accessory store, which is regarded for offering in-house manufactured carbon fiber components and high quality customized accessories to enhance the standard and service of world – best car brands, from BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, Lotus, Maseratic, Mercedes Benz to McLaren and more. The large variety of our products not only gives you many ultimate looks and varieties to choose from, but the greater volume of production affords us greater speeds in delivering you a completed product.
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Jun 24, 2020 Brooklyn Heights AHD Clinic "The U.S. ranks dead last in preventable deaths among the 19 leading industrialized nations! We’re clearly off target in our approach to healthcare. Over 70 million Americans live with chronic pain—back pain and headaches top the list. Back pain is the leading cause of adult disability in America, costing more than cancer and heart disease combined. In 2008, the New York Times declared: “Despite spending $86 billion in 2005 on spine treatments, impaired function is increasing and we’re losing the battle against back pain. The biggest surge in spending has been for…narcotic pain relievers.” Newsweek stated that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death, killing twice as many Americans as AIDS or suicide, and more than accidents or diabetes. This doesn’t even include outpatient care, malpractice, improper use of drugs or over-the-counter medications. My Strategy: Resolve your health conditions and other life problems from a holistic mindset and approach. “Holistic” means caring for the person as a whole (whole mind, whole body and whole spirit) instead of just as an accumulation of symptoms. I’ve dedicated my life to bringing holistic care to my patients and a holistic message to the world in order to solve pain and health issues and contribute to the solution of larger global concerns."
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Jan 17, 2021 Bensonhurst Download itunes without Microsoft Store (As of 2021.01.17) If you need iTunes for Windows and you do not want to go to store Here is the link
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Tribe Bicycle Co

Opens at 10:00 AM
Tribe Bicycle Co. is a global bicycle brand focused on creating high-quality, stylish, and affordable products for the modern urban cyclist. Originating from Hong Kong, the Tribe was created by friends Mitch and Wyatt in the summer of 2013 while the pair were working and living abroad. As cyclists and avid fixed-gear riders the two decided the current market needed a change and sought out to create something different. The idea was to create attractive, top-notch cycles for the everyday urban rider - and do so at a very reasonable cost. After one year of product development and design the two friends we’re able to make their dream a reality and officially launched Tribe Bicycle Co. in the summer 2014, re-locating themselves from Hong Kong to New York City. The initial collection consists of twelve unique bicycle models starting at $350. From the first concept of the Tribe, the idea of having a global identity and reflecting that within our products has always been at the forefront of our brand. Our unique experiences traveling the globe play a huge part in everything we create. Every bicycle is therefore named after a place we’ve been or person we’ve met or been inspired by. Our color choices and branding of global coordinates further emphasizes the meaning behind each product name. Like you, each bike has a story. Through these memories we’ve created something that truly connects with our love of travel, fun, adventure, and life. We hope you love them as much as we do. Welcome to the Tribe.