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Do you know Brooklyn?

Or think you know Brooklyn? Well, I hate to break it to you - you don’t.

Y’all think the pizza parlor on Third is the best one in Brooklyn? Fuhgeddaboudit!!!

Do you think you know what’s happening in Brooklyn? Fu-fa-fuhgeddaboudit! You don’t; unless what’s happening is you.

Did you know that Brooklyn has produced so many world famous people that no other city in the world can compete with it? Just take a look at some: Al Capone and Rudy Giuliani, Eddie Murphy and Larry David, Joe Dassin and Jay Z, Isaac Asimov and Mel Brooks, Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan… The List is so long - it has over 2800 names in it.

Everything in Brooklyn is authentic, from the food to the attitude. There is no competition with mouthwatering slice of Brooklyn pizza, and nothing scares outsiders more than the phrase "Can I help you?" said by a Brooklynite.

We breathe Brooklyn air everyday and we love it. And we want you to know Brooklyn and love it like we do. MyBrooklyn.com is the destination site for local businesses and customers, for news and events, neighbourly chats - friendly or not, classified ads, local transportation and delivery services.

Our primary mission is to give Brooklyn residents and visitors high-quality information and service - the kind of information and service you cannot get anywhere else, especially for small businesses. Google, Yelp, Facebook and other neo-conservative sites don’t really care about their end users; they do, however care about your personal data they collect and sell and the dollars per click you produce.

MyBrooklyn.com cares about you; your personal info is not shared nor sold, your opinion and reviews count and businesses will respond to you directly to address your concerns. Our goal is to become the leading voice for Brooklynites, to become a fair arbitrator for local business’ & customer’ satisfaction and conflict resolution. If you are a local business, we will give you the proper and affordable tools to reach your local customers.

In other words, MyBrooklyn.com is a community forum for Brooklynites built by Brooklynites and ran by Brooklynites.