1. About us

  2. We are inviting all Brooklyn lovers to join us at MyBrooklyn.com business meeting that will take place this Sunday, April 8th 4:00pm at Casa Edesia Pizzeria (2006 Cropsey Ave, Brooklyn 11214). We are having a pizza hour and bringing together social networkers, volunteers, and other influencers to get to know all about opportunities and benefits MyBrooklyn.com has to offer to help your favorite local businesses and for you to earn money at the same time.
    Become a volunteer for MyBrooklyn.com. Put your unique skills to work, find out what it takes to become part of our team. Learn how you can take advantage of the inherent benefits of MyBrooklyn.com platform. There are money and careers to be made.
    Truth be told - we need your help; by helping us with content writing, event planning, sales and many other activities, you will become part of MyBrooklyn.com family - promising startup for our great Brooklyn community.
    Please RSVP by Friday afternoon to info@mybrooklyn.com