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Liberty Lighting LTD

Liberty Lighting Limited is a partnership of professional Gaffers who own and operate Lighting and Grip Trucks. We specialize in Lighting for Film and Video with an emphasis on Television, Industrials, Documentaries, Commercials and Corporate work. Liberty is based in New York City but our work has taken us to destinations throughout the entire North Eastern United States. Our Lighting Trucks are specifically designed and packaged for the logistics of New York City locations; lights are stored with their accessories, packed in modular containers and everything is on wheels. As a Gaffer owned and operated company we pride ourselves on both our service and our flexibility. In our business, new relationships are often formed when friends and clients meet and share their experiences. Our business has grown by word of mouth for over 25 years, based on a love of what we do and a foundation of honest and genuine personal and professional relationships. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Ned Hallick, Gaffer/LD for HBO's "Cathouse - The Musical" (2007) staged in an old opera house outside Reno, Nevada Founded in 1984 by gaffers Ned Hallick, Gill McDowell, Mark Weingartner and cameraman Burleigh Wartes, Liberty Lighting has operated continuously in NYC for over 26 years. Gaffer John Roche joined Liberty in the fall of 1994 and along with Ned Hallick, they both own and operate Liberty Lighting. Mark Weingartner (Email) moved to Los Angles in 1995, and currently specializes in Motion Control and Special Effects. After over 30 years in the business, gaffer Gill McDowell (Email) retired with his wife Arlyse (Email) to Northern Florida.