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April Pancella Haupt, Esq.

If someone in your family dies with a last will and testament, the process of proving the validity of that document is known in legal terms as probate. However, if you die without a last will and testament, you die intestate and New York State Law determines how the property of your estate is distributed. Estate administration involves winding down a decedents affairs and distributing assets that are pursuant with the law or the will. There are many formalities that must be addressed in situations like this and to avoid bickering and accusations, it is best to have an attorney deal with these matters legally. For these reasons, seeking legal counsel can be in your favor when it comes to properly handling probate and estate administration matters. As a lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, April Pancella Haupt has been assisting individuals and families with many probate matters. When you retain services, you are dealing with an attorney that has your best needs in mind. Count on us for help with contested estates, preparing the petitions for probate or administration, and administering the estate. You work very hard to accumulate assets and wealth. These assets may include a business, real estate holdings, a home, a car, jewelry, collectibles, or many other valuables. You should consult an experienced attorney that can help you explore your options to make sure everything is protected. April Pancella Haupt has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to protecting individuals and families assets. When you retain services, you are represented by someone who genuinely cares about your best interests and obtaining your goals in the most cost effective manner possible. You can count on April Pancella to utilize her business acumen, law degree, and years of experience to make sure that you understand the benefits and limitations available to you. You can count on April Pancella Haupt, Esq. to help with trusts, powers of attorney, business organization, tax planning, partnerships, nuptial agreements, and so much more. You will find that she takes the time to understand your goals. Call today for a FREE half an hour consultation! If you are a prospective heir who believes that there is something wrong with the will or the process of drawing up the will, you should seek legal counsel. If you are an executor or estate administrator and a will is challenged, you will definitely want legal representation behind you. April Pancella Haupt is a lawyer with experience handling many estate planning and probate issues, including will contests. She utilizes her many years of experience and will give you the advice and assistance you need. For reliable legal services, give us a call. You deserve the best help and legal represenation and you can count on us to ensure that you get it. Call today for a FREE half-hour consultation.