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Places Nearby

Nargis Cafe

Open until 11:30 PM
Located in the heart of Brooklyn, at the intersection of Coney Island Avenue and Avenue Z, Nargis has quickly become a well-known international escape for New Yorkers and visitors alike. Since it first opened its doors in 2007 Nargis provides a gateway into Uzbek cuisine and its best traditions. Our authentic décor and cozy ambiance imbue every experience with a taste and feel of Central Asian cuisine and culture. Our menu includes a variety of items, each representing a firework of culinary fantasy. The main dishes are prepared with only the highest quality meats, and our homemade “Manti” is a staple that has turned first-time customers into regular visitors. Stop in for a uniquely spiced salad, adorned with mixed green, yogurt, cucumbers, and radishes. Or try our “Bojon” salad, a fascinating delicacy served with eggplant puree and fresh garlic. Warm up with our freshly brewed green tea, served in a traditional piyala, as well as our marvelous “plov” (with lamb meat, rice, carrots, and chickpeas), “samsa” (steamed meat dumplings), “shurpa”(meat broth with vegetables) or “lagman” (diced meat, vegetables and homemade noodles). Our authentic dishes appeal to the most seasoned palates, as well as newcomers to Central Asian cuisine. Nargis’ culinary creations are the progeny of proprietor and the chef Boris Bangiev, a virtuoso of the culinary art. Everything in Nargis is original and unique – unsurpassed Central Asian food, warm and caring atmosphere, and eastern hospitality.