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Brooklyn Abortion Clinic

14 Dekalb Ave Abortion Clinic Cryo therapy Colposcopy

Brooklyn GYN Place

142 Joralemon St gynecologist best Brooklyn gynecologist best care obgyn


108-18 63rd Rd

Williamsburg Chiropractic

729 Wythe Ave It's Your Future be there Healthy. williamsburg chiropractic williamsburgchiropractic brooklyn wythe ave hoffmancum laude universityhas togetherexpanded single queens spending qualitywife cindy theirsons jeremy silas nicas dicas nutricionistas acupuntura dicos cirujanos cirug spin logos medicina alternativa profesionalesla saludquiropr cticos servicios quiropr ctica surgeonssurgery chiropractors & services medical clinics nutritionists acupuncture physicians surgeons surgery general spinologists alternative medicine health practitioners clínicas médicas медицинские клиники 医疗诊所 диетологи 营养学家 иглоукалывание 针刺 médicos y cirugía врачей и хирургов генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 spinólogos вертебролог profesionales de la salud альтернативная медицина практикующие врачи 替代医学和保健从业者 quiroprácticos quiropráctica хиропрактики 脊医和脊椎指压治疗服务 хирурги 医师和外科医生 729 dr hoffman graduated cum with his doctor of degree from life university and has been in private practice since 2001 teamed up keller together they expanded a office to multiple locations throughout outside the he enjoys playing tennis exercising quality time wife their two sons 11249 4 surgeons surgery general dr queens office tennis sons silas

Manhattan Wellness Group

123 Hicks St manhattan wellness group manhattanwellnessgroup hicksm dicos cirujanos medicina cirug nicas quiropr cticos surgeonssurgery brooklyn heights physicians & surgeons sports medicine physical therapists surgery general clinics chiropractors chiropractic services médicos y deportiva врачи и хирурги спортивная медицина 医师和外科医生,运动医学 fisioterapeutas физиотерапевты 物理治疗师 cirugía врачей хирургов генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 clínicas клиники 诊所 quiroprácticos servicios de quiropráctica хиропрактики 脊医和脊椎指压治疗服务 医师和外科医生 123 hicks st 11201 doctor's office 4 surgeons surgery general

New Look New Life Surgical Arts

71 Carroll St Plastic surgeon Victoria Karlinsky MD, FACS serves Brooklyn, NY! new look life surgical arts newlooknewlifesurgicalarts looksurgical brooklyn carrollm dicos cirujanos stico reconstructivo cirug est tica columbia street waterfront district physicians & surgeons plastic reconstructive cosmetic surgery médicos y plástico врачей и хирургов пластических реконструктивных 医生和外科医生,塑料和重建 cirugía estética врачи хирурги косметическая хирургия 医生和外科医生,整容手术 71 carroll st 11231 doctor's office 4 surgeons

Eye Drop Optique

84 Front St eye drop optique eyedropoptique frontlentescontacto dumbo contact lenses optometrists optical goods opticians eyeglasses lentes de contacto контактные линзы 隐形眼镜 optometristas оптики 验光师 productos ópticos оптические товары 光学产品 眼镜商 los anteojos очки 眼镜 brooklyn 84 front st 11201 eyedrop shop doctor's office 5

Thomas M Sorra MD

166 Clinton St thomas m sorra md thomasmsorramd mdbrooklyn clintonm dicos cirujanos gastroenterolog est mago intestinoscirug medicina brooklyn heights physicians & surgeons gastroenterology stomach intestines surgery general internal medicine family practice medical centers médicos y gastroenterología estómago e intestinos врачи и хирурги гастроэнтерология желудок кишечник 医生和外科医生,胃肠病学(胃肠) cirugía врачей хирургов генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 医师和外科医生 interna внутренняя медицина 医师和外科医生,内科 familiar семейной медицины общей практики 医师和外科医生,家庭医学和一般实践 centros медицинские центры 医疗中心 166 clinton st 11201 toomas d f a c g toomasm doctor's office 4 surgeons stomach intestines surgery general

D Stanislaus Eugene DDS

44 Court St Cosmetic Dentistry Brooklyn d stanislaus eugene dds dstanislauseugenedds ddsbrooklyn cirug maxilofacial brooklyn heights dentists oral & maxillofacial surgery dentistas стоматологи 牙医 cirugía y оральная и челюстно лицевая хирургия 口腔颌面外科 44 court st 11201 dental brooklynheightsdental courtste havethere foratwantgive good reason keep rangedesigned improvemaintain excellenthealth serving fort greene carrollcobble hill crown hisprofessionals helping them achieve vibrant strikingly receivehighest standardtreated with courtesy respect afteralso periodoncistas endodoncistas prostodoncistas centros dentales cosm ticos periodontists endodontists prosthodontists denture centers cosmetic пародонтологи 牙周病 эндодонтистов 牙髓病 ортодонты протезные центры prosthodontists和义齿中心 cosméticos косметические 美容牙医 ste 808 through a lifetime of smiles your teeth have been there for you at we want to give flashing that smile years come is why offer comprehensive range services designed improve and maintain excellent health including advanced restorative general implant dentistry treatments carroll gardens cobble surrounding communities dr his team professionals invested their careers in improving the patients white they desire as patient can expect receive care highest standard be treated kindness absolute professionalism after all also stanislauseugeneddds smilesliveswhy chooseofferingchao pinholesurgical technique suturescalpel treatmentgum dentalhelped countlessachieve optimalhealth lisa reidskilled compassionate proceduresdedicated missioncommitted drivenconservatism treat just asmembertradition dates backthandecades father lamuel initially openedmilescurrent dedication personalized exceptionalmembers communitybest possible likestagessupported prosthodontist michaelpatientfaqs lanap invisalign implantsvaried needsoverview makeover bonding contouring hybridge cerec crownsdentures bridges inlays onlays mouth reconstruction periodontics root canaltooth extractions bone grafting joint tmj wisdomcleaning fillings thorough beforedentists reedinterested makingonlylook beautiful extremely careful kind recent extractionboth friendly positive heathervirtual tourcombination allowed cathyalways wantedconvenience transformingnumber messagebeen happy experiences recommendanyone cityheabove beyondjob courtth flr steinfo directions maypermanent vary persome images models actualpart docshopmedicalclose cracked missing veneer countupdrs helpinghealthy reputation visit hillneighborhoods attachment procedure periodontal learn dumbo caringactive influential ways founding westparade sawmove its humbleparkway many prominent handingson nativegrenada ambassador sloperespectlife hangsentirethatknow along playsrole provision utilizing evidence based approach deliver outstandingclinical assistant midwestern meetings topics achieving esthetic outcomes anterior approaches edentulous relatedregarded wealth expertise received doctor degree stony diplomate fellowcongress instituteprograms academy documented hours obtained peersreplacement attained prestigious renowned implantologist carl visitingdawsonstudy peter seattle frank spear kois johnprovider virtually invisible orthodontic keepingperiolase millennium technologies approved fda schedule valuable focuses extensivetogether loose existingproving ineffective problematic combined enhancedcreate planinitial consultationuse conduct exam recommendation varying strives lifelike lastinghouseallows receiveregularly shares lecturer greatlyworking guiding themregaining improved fullyreceiving bachelor iowa asked join northeast closer goodlooking ideallossrestore bite single comfortably enjoying restored sooner ever candidate unlike qualify addition jaw strong enough immediately recede because stable posts fortunately lost tissue candidacydesign cone beamtomography scanner accurate scansplaced strongestimpact accuracy decrease risk failure months healing abutment piecesbenefits attachoften smaller larger prepared integrated remove optionsuperior temporaries quickly does slipeat dietfew daysminimal cost risks timelinebridge allowing chew speak confidenceseveral fused anchored comes replacing beautifully worry meanwhile halt atrophy options budget explain afford candidates overall donnicotine inhibit ability healsufficientrays examine waitedexperienced graft adequate base donor augment proceed placing restoringincision gums grantingpilot hole drilledthreaded inserted attached sutured abutmentsintegrate meantime carefully crafted comfortable fit appearance matches proper confident montagueodontolog odontología общая стоматология 普通牙科 189 montague dentist's office 0 smiles you dental come health restorative general treatments heights greene gardens hill communities dr vibrant desire courtesy respect kindness professionalism all smiles


207 Court St eyeco eyecoboerum brooklyn boerum hill optical goods optometrists opticians eyeglasses sunglasses productos ópticos оптические товары 光学产品 optometristas оптики 验光师 眼镜商 los anteojos очки 眼镜 gafas de sol солнечные 墨镜 207 court st 11201 vision eyecovision doctor's office 4

Park Avenue Trauma Associates

100 Livingston St Ste 2 park avenue trauma associates parkavenuetraumaassociates patientdoreallywhen choosefacility reliable evaluationyour includingcondition anyterm needtreat sorttakeone fullstaffabilitym dicos cirujanos radiolog fisioterapeutas cirug neurolog familiarortopedia tratamiento lesiones pediatr manejo del estrprevenci ncl nicas psic logos sica rehabilitaci salud blica ortop dicasurgeonssurgery rneeds downtown physicians & surgeons radiology physical therapists surgery general neurology emergency medicine sports family practice orthopedics injuries treatment pediatrics stress management prevention clinics psychologists rehabilitation public health orthopedic médicos y врачи и хирурги 医师和外科医生 radiología радиология 医师和外科医生,放射科 физиотерапевты 物理治疗师 cirugía врачей хирургов генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 neurología неврология 医生和外科医生,神经病学 medicina de emergencia неотложная медицина 医师和外科医生,急救医学 deportiva спортивная 医师和外科医生,运动医学 familiar семейной медицины общей практики 医师和外科医生,家庭医学和一般实践 ortopedia ортопедии 医师和外科医生,整形外科 лечение спортивной травм 运动医学和伤害治疗 pediatría педиатрии 医生和外科医生,儿科医生 estrés prevención управление стрессом профилактика 压力管理和预防 clínicas клиники 诊所 psicólogos психологи 心理学家 física rehabilitación физическая реабилитация 医师和外科医生,物理医学和康复 pública общественное здравоохранение 医生和外科医生,公共卫生 ortopédica ортопедической хирургии 医师和外科医生,儿科骨科手术 brooklyn 100 livingston st ste 2 as injured patient what do you really want when choose a medical facility first and foremost an accurate evaluation of your including current condition any long term effects would this information quickly from then on all the help need to treat sort it take that one could provide specialist board certified in with extensive e r experience easy access relevant diagnostic equipment full time staff doctors ability needs 11201 doctor's office 4 surgeons surgery general pediatrics orthopedic patient facility foremost effects quickly on injuries that provide specialist e r needs

P M Pediatrics

238 Atlantic Ave p m pediatrics pmpediatrics pediatricsboerum hillsurgeonsgeneral brooklyn atlantic ave dicos cirujanos pediatr cirug surgeonssurgery boerum hill physicians & surgeons surgery general médicos y pediatría врачей и хирургов педиатрии 医生和外科医生,儿科医生 врачи хирурги 医师和外科医生 cirugía генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 238 11201 pm doctor's office emergency room hospital 240 4 surgeons surgery general

Ossama Samuel, MBBCh

132 Greenpoint Avenue ossama samuel mbbch ossamasamuel mbbch samuel ossamasamuel ossamahealth brooklyn avenue doctor doctores salud greenpoint doctors health врачи 医生 здоровье 健康 132 11222 4 md doctor's office ave

Northwell Health-GoHealth Urgent Care

145 Kent Ave northwell health gohealth urgent care healthgohealth northwellhealthgohealthurgentcare health gohealth williamsburg brooklyn kent ave partners with leading justblocks subwayatenci atención de urgencias неотложная помощь 紧急护理 145 systems to offer the finest providers our patients center is located on 5th & just a few blocks away from bedford subway station l line 11249 hospital laboratory doctor's office 11211 4 patients ave l line

Brooklyn Dermatology

440 Atlantic Ave brooklyn dermatology brooklyndermatology dermatologyboerum practicehealth atlantic ave staffsourab choudhury doboard certifi dicos cirujanos dermatolog nicas medicina familiar salud blica boerum hill physicians & surgeons clinics family medicine general practice public health médicos y врачи и хирурги 医师和外科医生 dermatología врачей хирургов дерматологии 医师和外科医生,皮肤科 clínicas клиники 诊所 семейной медицины общей практики 医师和外科医生,家庭医学和一般实践 pública общественное здравоохранение 医生和外科医生,公共卫生 440 our do is a board 11217 doctor's office 4 surgeons choudhury

Tribeca Pediatrics

212 Berry St tribeca pediatrics tribecapediatrics williamsburg pediatricians lactation services pediatras педиатры 儿科医生 servicios de lactancia услуги по лактации 哺乳服务 brooklyn 212 berry st 11249 tribecapediatricswilliamsburg doctor's office 11211 4

CityMD - Greenpoint

795 Manhattan Ave citymd greenpoint citymdgreenpoint manhattan ave doctores atenci nurgenciascentros dicos doctors urgent care medical centers врачи 医生 atención de urgencias неотложная помощь 紧急护理 centros médicos медицинские центры 医疗中心 brooklyn 795 11222 hospital doctor's office 4


154 N 7th St Better.Faster. Easier. citymd williamsburg citymdwilliamsburg citymd williamsburg williamsburgcitymd queensisland rockland countyarethere whenneedourtrained emergencysee quicklythey answerquestionsup aftercarefeeling betterm dicos cirujanos cirug medicina familiaratenci urgent care physicians & surgeons surgery general family medicine practice médicos y cirugía врачей и хирургов генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 familiar семейной медицины общей практики 医师和外科医生,家庭医学和一般实践 atención de urgencias неотложная помощь 紧急护理 brooklyn 154 n 7th st values convenience quality of service and superior medical with several locations in manhattan queens long island county we are always there when you need us our highly trained staff uses electronic records pharmaceutical transactions board certified emergency will see quickly then they take the time to give right diagnosis answer your questions set up aftercare want feeling better leave 11249 hospital doctor's office north street 11211 4 surgeons surgery general convenience service care manhattan brooklyn queens county us transactions board certified quickly diagnosis questions need leave

Bay Ridge Dermatology

515 84th St bay ridge dermatology bayridgedermatology dicos cirujanos dermatolog cirug protecci nla piel medicina familiar est tica surgeonssurgery physicians & surgeons surgery general skin care family medicine practice cosmetic médicos y dermatología врачей и хирургов дерматологии 医师和外科医生,皮肤科 cirugía генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 врачи хирурги 医师和外科医生 protección de la уход за кожей 皮肤护理 семейной медицины общей практики 医师和外科医生,家庭医学和一般实践 estética косметическая хирургия 医生和外科医生,整容手术 brooklyn 515 84th st 11209 health beauty service doctor's office spa fl 1 4 спа 温泉 surgeons surgery general

Thomas T Woloszyn Medical Doctor

8417 Fort Hamilton Pkwy thomas t woloszyn medical doctor thomastwoloszynmedicaldoctor woloszyndoctor bay fort hamilton pkwydrboardinhas certificateadded qualificationhean forthanyearswidely peer review journals rounds ongoingactivities officesnew york staten island jersey middletown north brunswick fullybrown procedure michaelendoscopic carpal tunnelopenresulted extensiveoperative wounds scarring lengthy successfully performedreleases past helping people recover quicklydelivering highestcare compassion respect dicos cirujanos nicas cirug medicina familiarsalud blicapl stico reconstructivo surgeonssurgery brooklynisland middletownbrunswick operative processyearsrespect ridge physicians & surgeons clinics surgery general family medicine practice public health hand plastic reconstructive médicos y врачи и хирурги 医师和外科医生 clínicas клиники 诊所 cirugía врачей хирургов генералов 医师和外科医生,外科医生 familiar семейной медицины общей практики 医师和外科医生,家庭医学和一般实践 salud pública общественное здравоохранение 医生和外科医生,公共卫生 de mano хирургия рук 医生和外科医生,手术 plástico пластических реконструктивных 医生和外科医生,塑料和重建 brooklyn 8417 pkwy dr is board certified in and has a certificate of added qualification the he was an attending physician at maimonides center division from 1995 until 2009 dr instrumental establishing lutheran served as director for more than ten years published widely continues to participate daily teaching ongoing research activities offices located new fully trained brown michael developed endoscopic tunnel release 1991 alternative “open” which resulted extensive post healing process with 1992 together they have traveled all over country other this particular performed thousands releases 20 quickly while delivering highest quality care 11209 4 surgeons surgery general dr t surgery hand dr center years journals activities brooklyn island middletown brunswick procedure brown procedure procedure post operative process years respect